Yall really messed up...(Light Theme Removal April Fools Trend)




  • Eureeka

    I too am in a situation where using dark theme on mobile is counter productive due to my eye-sight issue.  I understand the desire to do an April Fools joke to the community, but not at the expense of those who are needing to use this app today for time sensitive material and who now cannot clearly read the text.  There needs to be the the option to switch back re-installed.  Discord has done many positive things lately, this poorly thought-thru joke is a big step backwards.

  • s-ural
    It's not funny!
    give us back the possibility of a light !
  • 𝓠.

    If this is a joke, put the light theme back.  If it's not a joke, put the light theme back.  Only kids and amateurs like dark themes.  All professional UIs have light themes for the simple reason that dark themes are less readable and not good across multiple media.

  • DetectivesAssistant

    I have dyslexia and know several people w/ dyslexia who use dark themes intentionally. Yes black on white is usually shown to be better with like a 20% increase in reading accuracy when compared to white on black(not gray) but uhh m all you freaking out about this one day meme, its not the end of the world and you can still read. white backgrounds also arent reccomended for dyslexia by many many scientists. Maybe there are some other people who feel more comfortable in light theme but thats just my dyslexic take on the joke

  • Puyodead1

    yes, it’s an april fools prank, it will be over tomorrow. just don’t use discord if you have a headache, problem solved....

  • Puyodead1

    you can’t. you missed the part where they said “we deleted light theme”. it will be over tomorrow

  • Puyodead1

    luna, commenting the same thing on multiple posts about your headache doesn’t help anything, just don’t use discord, problem solved, no headache. it will be over tomorrow 

  • DetectivesAssistant

    ^stressing out about about how it hurts your eyes and posting it everywhere not letting go of it is probably more stressful than it hurting your eyes if im being frank

  • Guide

    "Don't start discord day", nice joke idiots

  • Lapis L'Azuri

    Guys, I understand it's April 1 and you wanna give us a shock or two, but making A CHAT PROGRAM uncomfortable for the eyes to read for some people is a joke of very, very bad taste. Not to mention it shows no imagination at all. I would have expected more of you, quite honestly. Regards.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. Because of your tyrannical decision, I am deleting my account :P Happy April Fool.

  • Tobe 🐺

    OK, uninstalling app

  • Emerald

    Tobe I feel you, all my stuff is light theme except discord now and it hurts my eyes. Super annoying honestly, can't wait until April 2nd now

  • Laurreth

    Not that the light theme helps much. Both light and dark are horribly low-contrast.

    Good old time when chat used more or less standard protocols one could consume with a variety of clients, but no, everything has to be a silo that does everything in a very mediocre way and excels at nothing.

  • AC

    "just don’t use discord, problem solved"

    I'm luckily able to muddle my way through (I DO get afterimages if I look at the dark theme for more than minutes at a time, but I'm both a fast reader can touch type well enough to write longer messages with my eyes closed if necessary) I wonder if you'd be saying this if the situation were reversed?  Would you want to quit using discord entirely for a day because of a prank that was poorly implemented?

    The general impression I've gotten is that no one would have a problem with it... if the option to change it back hadn't been removed.  That's the part that's going a step too far and is why people are upset.

    I'm also curious whether there's any actual raw data on the number of users of each theme?  So far I've only heard hearsay based on which is more vocal.

  • janna


    its not a  good prank at all.

    and u cant tell anyone to stop using discord.

    my friend uses light theme. even though i dont use it i want it for them

  • ChevilleTortue

    This joke is in very poor taste.

    A "prank" that makes your UI unusable to your users. Do you feel like you thought that one through?


    Edit : Thanks for listening to the feedback and allowing us to revert to light mode.

  • -Win10-

    Вы серьезно? Больше делать нечего? Если хотите уйти с рынка, давайте - занимайтесь ерундой! Вместо того чтобы расширить набор тем Вы их убрали? ВЕРНИТЕ СВЕТЛУЮ ТЕМУ!!!!!!

  • Jokke


  • scitor

    This is a super funny aprils fools joke, especially since the white/dark theme thing is so often a religious choice, so expect hate inbound :D

    It's obviously not for people who depend on this though, for them it's an insult since you make fun of a disablement, not good. therefore it should be reversible by the individual user, after it was funny.

    That said, I've eyesight probls myself and only ever use white, and still had to laugh at that (even though I would stop using discord if this change was for real), thank you :)

  • SN0W WH1TE

    hey discord team.

    this is not a funny joke at all. some people need light theme just because we have old eyeballs.

    whoever made this decision must be dismissed from your team immediately.

  • Vladimir

    deleting of Light Theme is very bad idea.


  • doktordee

    good news, everyone.

    i filed a trouble ticket on this a number of hours ago. received a reply to it just a little while ago saying that they were going to revert the changes they made and put the "light" theme back.

    as of now, i can confirm that it indeed is back.

    to @Solarion and Gab in support ... thank you for listening to me and all the others in chorus here in this feedback piece and reverting the prank. and please, when considering april fools pranks in the future, please also think of who the prank will affect, and whether or not it will step on the accessibility of yer site.

    thanks. :) 

  • Scapeface

    They didn't actually remove light theme, it's still there in your settings and you can turn it on. Just the notification is a joke.

  • rama_dan

    Oh, right.. it's "Nelson Day" again. A nationwide celebration of inanity.

  • Gryneos

    Thanks for your work, doktordee :)

    I'm going to stick to my word and remain offline until midnight tonight (since it started late last night) before logging back on. I'm sure this one user not logging in won't affect anything, but I don't mind. It's worth protesting to the limit. Plus, it then gives me more time to do things I love unrelated to online use.

  • MightyMemeKing1337

    It is back. You still get the message that it's gone tho.


  • Sakura Wulf

    It's entertaining to read all the negative comments about this small prank. I could care less if they did away with the light theme entirely. EDIT: It's only for a day... you're not going to die.

  • HolyAmericanEmpire

    Maybe discord should have just told us that they removed light theme as a joke instead of actually doing it, but some of you guys need to chill out. It was a small joke and if you need to limit yourself to not using discord for a long periods of time for ONE DAY in order to avoid headaches, that's really not a big deal. 

    Please stop making it so jokes can't be good anymore. 

  • HolyAmericanEmpire

    "SNOW WH1TE" wants someone to lose their job because of unintended consequences from a joke which affected a small minority of people. 

    Yeah, that's a totally sane reaction.

  • Pimp

    Is this a joke? I refuse to believe there is a human being who likes light mode

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