Yall really messed up...(Light Theme Removal April Fools Trend)




  • Puyodead1

    shockingly there is, the April Fools joke has been reverted already and Light Mode is back.

  • Adhara

    People were telling me last night that they still had the option to put Discord in light theme. I checked it both on my phone and in the Windows app and didn't see the option anywhere (prolonging my dark-theme-induced migraine in doing so). Even though I'm hearing people say it was reverted early, I don't trust Discord enough to check now and be disappointed.

  • Adhara

    "if you need to limit yourself to not using discord for a long periods of time for ONE DAY in order to avoid headaches, that's really not a big deal"

    Yes. Cut me off from the majority of my social contact for an entire day. Because THAT'S going to help my mental health…

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