Missing Function: Toggle Deafen



  • Kedram

    yes i agree, there have been times where ive wanted to local deafen someone and simply couldnt because it wasnt implemented. im not sure on the specifics but it doesnt sound like implementing this would be all that difficult either.

  • Zacatero
    This is already a thing. You can selectively mute other people so you cant hear them but others can.
  • AltLoliNekos

    @Zacatero That is mute. I'm not talking about mute I'm talking about deafen. That means they can not hear what your are saying.

  • Zacatero
    @AltLoliNekos Im still not seeing a point though. If you dont want to hear somebody and you dont want them hearing you... why are you even in a VC with them to begin with?
  • AltLoliNekos

    @Zacatero first off, I never said i want to not hear them. I just want them to not to hear me because there are people in some discord servers that just want to start talking and cut you off on purpose. Plus I also want to talk to other people in voice channels.

  • Zacatero
    @AltLoliNekos I'm not trying to be argumentative. However, I still dont see how this would solve your issue... Like you say you want them to not be able to hear you, because they talk over you and you want to talk to other people, yet also you say you still want to be able to hear them? So what would happen in this scenario is you are talking, they cant hear you so they start talking, but you can hear them so you still get cut off. So i still dont quite see the purpose.

    I made the same suggestion. It has since been deleted. Not answered, just deleted. Hopefully this feature is implemented.

  • Dulra

    Being able to privately deafen someone would be a useful feature. For example, I play an MMO and we 7man a lot of bosses, and one person is always recording. I want to be heard by my group, but I do not want to be heard on that guys recording, so being able to privately mute just one person in the call would be really nice. I can't trust that person to not record my voice which is why I want to be able to deafen people just from hearing my voice.

  • username
    I would never use this, but I do see how it could be useful.

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