Emote configuration



  • RandomNub44

    I thought i was the only one who found that really annoying

  • essaali28

    I found that annoying too and sometimes it makes me feel like it's really not necessary I would love if you would make the changes as o honestly hate that. Thank you.

  • AnthonyS

    Magnificent Idea! With people joining multiple servers, and tons if emotes having to be looked through, this would make it tons more easier!

  • Water

    A very good idea, this helps us out a lot and makes it ALOT easier to locate and use emotes 👍

  • democat

    Great idea, although maybe all users should be given the option to toggle nitro emotes. I do also experience lag in the emote menu due to the large number of emotes, so perhaps maybe there could also be a feature to only load emotes when they scroll into view.

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