cant see user information by selecting a message. Bring that back



  • Exaint
    Just longpress on the profile picture next to the message and u will see your wanted infos
  • FangKarliaWolf

    Long pressing the profile picture DOES NOT help
    Theres certain information people like an admin would need to know whether or not they’re in the server still or not, what roles that have, and getting their PROFILE ID that we can’t get from long pressing
    It just long presses the whole message, gives the message options, and doesn’t show the profile.

  • Exaint

    What OS are u using? IOS? 


    Because on Android its still possible :X



  • FangKarliaWolf

    I figured it out by continuing my search through feedback

    You no longer long press for IOS
    You legit just single tap on the profile

    Which I still think is kinda dumb because it worked just fine the other way lol

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