Anonymous messenges in chat



  • DuckMasterAl
    Could be abused by raiders or people posting nsfw
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  • iVan21

    Read all please

    "it could be like a rol permission to hide the user and name, also can make other permission to select who can reveal the user (yes like when you click on |spoiler|)"

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  • TheRaindeerHead

    This does seem like it'd be nice in certain situations, and I think the idea of needing permission to do it would actually make this a really nice feature. I can imagine this being used in servers if you just have something you need to get off your chest but don't wan't to publicly say it.

    I think the best way it could be implemented is if (like you mentioned) it required a special permission, or certain channels could just force everyone to talk anonymously

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  • LeonRdo

    I maintain a bot that does just this: Voltaire

    People have a bunch of use cases for it, but generally, people use it for feedback channels or communication where they just want an added layer.

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