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    Hi there! This suggestion is the same as so in an effort to keep duplicates out and keep everything neat and tidy, we're going to merge this ticket into that suggestion. This ticket will be deleted automatically after a week.
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  • TheVoid

    I'm right there with you! The lack of contrast makes it difficult to use. I think if they had darker greys for the side bars, it'd help. 

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  • Pyonko

    I don't like the new light mode either :c It's far too bright and the dark mode doesn't have enough contrast, so either one that I use hurts my eyes and makes it difficult to use. I'd very much like the old light mode back, or at least for it to tone down the brightness please.

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  • Veezora

    Just doing my due dilligence and submitting feedback to (hopefully) be read.

    New theme update is very frustrating, hard on the eyes on PC, and lacks cohesion.
    The contrast between the white chat pane and dark server sidebar made navigation easy, clearly outlined my server and voice channel options, and made it more intuitive when I was a new user to make distinctions between these.

    Most, if not all apps use color, contrast, and spacing of UI elements to make their interface more intuitive. Most people using "Light" theme don't do it to bath in white light off their monitor, but because white space with black text is standard web form, and feels more intuitive and comfortable to people seeking that format. Dark theme is good for late night players, but feels less pleasing on the eyes, both in shade and in distinct UI elements, and changing Light mode to be an inverted palette of that feels like an appeal to a group of individuals who prefer Dark modes anyway.

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