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    Hi there! This suggestion is the same as so in an effort to keep duplicates out and keep everything neat and tidy, we're going to merge this ticket into that suggestion. This ticket will be deleted automatically after a week.
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  • KengDiEn

    New light theme is horrible. My eyes hurt... It is first time I turned on the dark theme. Please, undo it.

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  • ginora

    I literally cannot see white text on a black background, so I always used the light theme, but after that update I can't see anything on the new light theme either. It's horrible and I can't imagine anyone who asked for it. It hurts to read, it hurts even to just look at it. Please, add the old light theme as an option, my eyes watering just from looking at this...

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  • miston

    The new light theme is very hard to see and too simple.
    Please return to the old light theme or let me choose one.

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  • Elvarion

    Im with ginora, (not as bad) But reading white text on black background is very taxing on my eyes. Light theme has always been good.There was no reason to change anything about it. The changelog about the sidebar not being dark, that felt like a cruel joke and you devs laughing at everyone using the Light theme, Thanks alot.

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  • Coole

    Well i's really hard-to-see this very uncontrast colors in channels tab even with my full healthy eyes.

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  • Speckleton

    Fully agree, i miss the mixed theme
    and the the reason I used light theme is gone, having less contrast on the text

    eye strain is so much worse with this change

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  • Left Discord

    Discord is now unusable for me with the new light theme, the dark theme is impossible for me to read. The light one now strains my eyes. I would love to see the option for the new light, dark and the light classic to be chosen from.

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  • Mystery

    Seriously, the new light theme physically hurts my eyes and I can't switch to dark theme because that does the same thing. Please let us switch back to the old light theme.

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  • TheCorndogLover

    Seconded, the contrast was much better and easier to read and I think an option for “light classic” or “mixed” for old light mode would be a healthy balance between the two.

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  • sjard

    In order to keep using discord with the changes to the light theme, i've had to switch to dark and pump the font size to maximum, and it still hurts my eyes. Please give us an option for the old light theme. 

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  • Zaw

    This new light theme looks terrible.


    Please just add a third theme option with the new one, and revert the default back to how it was.


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  • Box Fox

    Add an option for the old light theme, the contrast was great and you could see better

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