A way to have the old dark and white theme back in the appearance




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    Hi there! This suggestion is the same as https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360050328491 so in an effort to keep duplicates out and keep everything neat and tidy, we're going to merge this ticket into that suggestion. This ticket will be deleted automatically after a week.
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  • Monika

    I really dont like the new light theme


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  • OhioSquatch

    the whole reason I liked the old light theme was BECAUSE it had the dark side bar. In the patch notes it said they got rid of it because "it didn't make sense" to have dark with light, but this stuff sucks. Please give us this at the very least.

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  • yindesu

    The new "Light Theme" is more like "Low Contrast Washed Out Theme".  Really dislike the change to the channel list.

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  • Skitty

    The new light theme is blinding to me and really clashes when I'm trying to chat while watching videos in split screen.  The dark theme is hard on my dyslexia, the light letters just blend together even when I make the font bigger.  Please give us back the old one. 

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  • Guava

    I think it is easier to read on lightmode, but I find the lighter sidebars harder to see the notifications/when someone replied on pc. I do want the old grey bar back. 

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  • GeneralBrownie

    I agree, old light themes was one of the few light themes I preferred to dark themes, but now I can't stand it. I just want a little bit of contrast in my life.

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