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    Hi there! This suggestion is the same as https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360050328491 so in an effort to keep duplicates out and keep everything neat and tidy, we're going to merge this ticket into that suggestion. This ticket will be deleted automatically after a week.
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  • Eslam

    My eyes literally hurt, I can feel pain in my nerves, and it’s been a long time and my eyes did not adjust yet.

    Dark theme is a torture, the new light theme is a torture.

    This is too bright, too much contrast, too much sensory input.

    This isn’t about random users feeling that the dark sidebar is out of place, this is about the components being easy on the eyes, this all white theme is not easy on the eyes, it is harder now for your brain to ignore channel text while you’re reading chat and vice versa.

    It is harder for your eyes to process all the colorful server logos on a white background.

    The light theme was butchered as if the agenda was to alienate light theme users to get them to switch to dark theme so you wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining 2 themes.

    I don’t think I’ll adjust to this, I’ll probably be “forced” to use dark theme, for the first time I feel repulsion towards a Discord update.

    Remember how Diggit died, remember how Skype died… remember.

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  • TheVoid

    Personally the new theme makes me feel a bit nauseous. 

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  • hal

    New light theme is terrible and overstimulating (both because of the deeper font weight and the loss of being able to distinguish between the sidebar and the chat area) to the point where I can't focus on anything I'm seeing. Please offer an option to revert it. Please also don't ruin it on mobile.

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  • NightmareMMZero

    Give us the old light theme as a third skin option, holy hell how hard is that? This new one is terrible.

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  • volbil

    New light theme is way to grayish. I loved old light theme because it was just beautiful, it would be nice to have it back as an option.

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  • Jessiac

    The old theme allowed the current chat to stand out much more than everything else on screen, making it easier to concentrate on what was being said rather than everything else happening.

    Now everything is fighting for your attention, and it's nauseating, not to mention it looks barren. There's no variation, it's just very light grey on white. The dark grey at least felt like a border, or even a side tab. The light grey feels flat.


    As someone who has always used light theme unironically, nobody wanted this. You took the one criticism about light theme, being that it hurt people's eyes, and made it worse. I want to see the feedback request that said "Please make Discord light theme more blinding. Thank you."


    If this change was purely to make it more accessible to users, can you please make it a "switch" alongside the light theme?

    Eg: Accessibility mode [switch]

    Or have it as a ribbon in the theme area

    Eg: Light [ ]
          Light 2.0 [ ]
          Dark [ ]


    There are so many ways to fix this, and you'd be failing your users if you didn't, at the minimum, provide a solution.

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  • Thomdril Merrilin γ

    I have to agree, as soon as I loaded Discord with the new Light Side theme it hurt my eyes.  The main problem is that you can no longer easily differentiate between the four sections on the screen.  The Dark Side has its own visual problems such as the dark red doesnt stick out enough from the background.  For those problems you could offer the old LS option as a 3rd option such as LS, DS and Original.  Or maybe use borders between the sections.  Or use other variations of colors rather than shades of grey.  Or many other things.


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  • Cthun

    I loved using light theme ever since i first installed it, but this new variation just looks awful. It feels like discord was trying to hop on the train of "hate on light theme" by making it look so terrible like this. Even if it wasn't fully light that's what i loved, hate having everything be dark but i liked the dark side bars. This new one is an enormous downgrade and i'm just hoping we can see a revert to the old light theme

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  • Miragia

    The contrast is much too high. Please, at least use a lighter shade of black for the text, so it won't be so painful to look at.

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  • BadDesperado

    I agree with all of the comments above, this new light theme sucks, it feels like it's actually annoying on the eyes now and my old-timey ass on my rocking chair ain't liking it.


    If you must keep the new one, at least give a chance to change it to the original white theme, I've had it for so long.

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  • Sharsarannon

    New light theme is literally painful to handle on a neurological level for a larger portion of your users. This is not only bad design but bad Accessibility. LET US SWITCH BACK THIS ONE HURTS.

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  • eighttailedfox

    Agreed. The new theme does cause me pain and eye strain.

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  • Akiiirin

    It hurts. It causes migraines and cluster headaches. It gives too much feedback overstimulating and overloading people. Before it was okay, a little bright at times but everything was easy to focus on, no eye strain, no competition for attention. Now everything is fighting for it's place, everything blends together, can't focus on anything that is being sent and in an environment where I do a lot of online roleplaying and keeping up is important, this makes my life a living hell. I feel sick just trying to use it.
    Please change it back.
    Please change it back.
    Please change it back.
    It hurts.

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