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    Hi there! This suggestion is the same as so in an effort to keep duplicates out and keep everything neat and tidy, we're going to merge this ticket into that suggestion. This ticket will be deleted automatically after a week.
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  • WildAstroCat

    I agree.  I really hate the new light theme.  I liked the way it was.  The new layout hurts my eyes.  I tried the dark theme too since the light theme was too much and I can't handle it either. Both themes are terrible.  I want to uninstall and install the earlier version until discord fixes the issue.

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  • Mayiamaru

    Yeah, I saw the new light theme from my office computer and just, don't like it. Text on light themes is fine, but the larger icons and the inverted palette are jarring and unappealing to look at. If the team has their hearts set on this light side bar, having the option to change between what bar you want would be wonderful.

    Most avatars and group icons are just not designed for that odd grey they have in the new light side bar, and I dread the day that my home computer resets and forces an update for Discord. Whoever said to make the sidebar light to be consistent with other apps never considered that the app is NOT optimized for that. It all blurs together in whites and greys and actually makes it feel like stepping into a foreign app again. And the notification being a dark dot on a white background while the neutral looks pretty similar colour wise is just not good as a notification.

    If the sidebar is going to be 'light' then it needs to be balanced in a way that's appealing to look at and easy to sift through. Hell, it would be better if the whole thing was just white and outlined to divide the windows and plain as bread. Would it look better? Probably not, but at least then it would be easier to see everything.

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  • freedim

    I agree, Mayiamaru. The avatars and status (online/away) is so hard to discern now. Maybe an outline on the outside rim of the avatars could fix it, but for now, it is really really bad.

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