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    Hi there! This suggestion is the same as so in an effort to keep duplicates out and keep everything neat and tidy, we're going to merge this ticket into that suggestion. This ticket will be deleted automatically after a week.
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  • Cazrep

    Thinking about this, it could be easily abused. I've seen larger servers get new users that are only there to spam or post obscene images, when they get banned they just join under another new account. This feature would make it easier for them to do that. Would do you need multiple accounts for? I suggested a "view server as user" feature which would allow you to view a server as a user with certain roles and such to test permissions, which is my reasoning for having a second account. 

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  • Matin

    I am a Discord server admin (no surprise), a gaming community server. So i joined many other gaming communities servers (not limited to this reason) to observe and learn more about my community members needs to bring new ideas.

    Then I passed the maximum server joins! So to make my dashboard cleaner and create more server space for my account, I needed the second account.

    I think others could face this issue like content creators that joins a lot of other creators servers for the same reason.

    About the abuses case, multiple account login could be limited to a number like 3, 4 or 5. I guess no one needs more.

    However Ad spam (As far as i know), mostly are done by human accounts which are controlled by robots (Self-Bot). I'm not sure if Discord stopped it or not.

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  • holaa

    Me and my brother are using same account cause its hard to login again. it would be great to have multiple account login

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