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  • EpicestJairGamer

    Why would they need to reach out to discord? I think the largest problem here would be rate-limiting, they've got a public API and I think it would actually be fairly simple to add a "Currently playing" status akin to Spotify's integration via

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  • hans-jürgen

    Note that there already is an inofficial Discord server related to the subreddit with more than 1.9k members and several hundred users online. See this Reddit thread for more infos, also my reply in a related thread here with a link to .fmbot which can display your currently scrobbling song besides other statistical data in any channel if the server admin or a mod installs it.

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  • KatyB

    I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be an issue with rate limiting in providing a now playing display.

    I'm a moderator at and I've discussed Discord at length with staff. They're very interested in the platform and one of the main staff experimented with a "now playing" rich presence last year, so I'm sure they'd be very happy to discuss integrations with Discord if Discord happened to be interested. I think has the stigma of an "old" platform to some, but it's actually experiencing a bit of a boom right now. is very popular on Discord: Not just on large music-related servers (like the aforementioned Discord, plus partner servers, such as r/Music and Popheads), but across smaller servers and non-music specific servers as well. Even just an integration to display your profile link would be a cool addition.

    There's a number of bots servers can use to provide a degree of integration. The largest of these is .fmbot, while FMcord is another option if a server is big enough to qualify. The Discord has probably the best bot of all, the "Who Knows?" bot, which is exclusive to the server but provides lots of integrations and statistics, plus a couple of games.

    (Here's the link to Discord)

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