The new UI is awful, with details



  • TheEzzran

    Holy crap I just found something else that I actually haven't seen anyone else mention, and I can't be near as civil about.

    Who thought it was a good idea to automatically activate the text entry field whenever I press a key that would create a character in that field? Discord devs, I use numpad keys for a lot of different hotkeys. For example, the period on the numpad is my hotkey to mute my mic in Discord. And now when I press that button, if Discord is the active window, it will automatically activate the text entry field and type a period. This is not a feature I want. I will click the text box when I want to type. Please do not just activate the text box for me. That's just asking for people to accidentally put their password into chat because they didn't realize Discord was the active window.

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  • AL

    (About TheEzzran's comment) I kept noticing having the chat entry field thing activated more than usual, I thought it was just that I never noticed it, but it's annoying me very much. I don't get why this update even happen honestly, who asked for all these useless things? (I get some people like this new stuff, but come on?)

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  • Hailden

    If devs read this, please do something about the X symbol on the left of a blocked message. It's actually more annoying than how it was before.

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  • Emilie

    I would add the frequently used emotes small menu as being an issue as well, if you click on the reaction button you already have your frequently used emotes, it's a duplicate, and gets in the way. When I scroll in a channel my eyes get caught on it and I don't read the messages, it defeats the purpose of a chat.

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