Please allow us to hide or minimize the server channel panel



  • Spharin

    I was just about to make a post of this, it's not a pending issue or bug for most users so I'm afraid it won't get many upvotes.

    I'd wish to make Discord smaller, but the limit to how small of a width I can make it is still more than half my screen and it does not seem like hiding the users sidebar changes to how small of a width I can make it.

    It's hard to multitask (e.g. watch a show/play a game while still being able to reply without losing sight of what you're doing) within a single screen.

    Using the browser version of Discord, we can resize as much as we want but this causes messages and even words to get very cut off, and being unable to minimize this channel sidebar would make this far more viable to do.

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  • Smoda

    Yea I wish this were something that was on the radar. We have the ability to collapse the member list I would love for the same action to be available on the channel list. 

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