Bring back our selfbots!

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  • HankyFace

    Hi there, 

    If you own a big community and you can't use a selfbot, then you're screwed. People are contacting me just because I'm the owner... 

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  • nedmac.exe

    The only reason i want self-bots back, because i want to be able to show online 24/7

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  • Anime forever🌙

    Agree, but with limits. Can't DM with selfbot, no loud music, no raids, no exploits and etc.


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  • Dimensional

    As much as I'm not keen on the idea of having a bot connected to a user's account, it can help out a lot in areas where a normal bot account can't function properly. For instance if you restrict user accounts from changing their nicknames, due to them possibly trying to use profanity, a bot is useful to automate that, but what if you were to use a bot to automate it for a game? The biggest problem with automation of changing a nickname is the bot isn't allowed to change the nickname of the server owner at all. Even if it's given admin privileges, it still can't change the nickname of the owner, so they end up being singled out and left to do it manually for themselves when they might want to have it handled by the bot they trust on their server. So if they had a bot they trusted implicitly, even one they built and host on their own PC or personal server, connected directly to their account, then they'd have everything necessary. Even could have it connect with a standard bot account to ensure a higher level of separation and functionality.

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  • bobby 99

    I would love to see self bots be brought back they are very useful in a way that normal bots are not

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  • RisingX

    This is never gonna happen

    When a company makes a change and the people vote to reverse that change, that is proper. But doing that without a justification is not proper. For one, people have mentioned the security issues already, if you have a lever that leads to a virus, but you get to eat a cookie, and it is pulled you get a virus for a object that isnt worth much, they didnt pull the lever leaving that cookie. Point is, the use of self-bots is a massive security issue that causes tons of issues with discord, and imagine the uses for people making viruses, you get random links that take your account and dm the rest of your contacts? A cookie is not as worth as much as discord

    Get over your need for self-bots and maybe try finding work arounds or just give up

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