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  • Mr.Mask

    Seriosly i would not like downvotes without a comment

  • username
    That's a -1 from me. Even as an admin-only thing, I see this being easily abused.
  • PiggyPlex

    I don't see why you would want to do that. That would literally be like giving your token to someone; they could make API requests on your behalf. It would be abused, and it is thus not a good idea

  • Mr.Mask

    It is like for used to test permisions and Trolling

    it would be an owner-only thngi or added on a permision

  • Sky_Dragonsz

    If you want to test permissions make a new account and test it with that. 

    What you are suggesting can and WILL be abused. 


    Imagining this if this was implemented: 

    Admin account getting hacked in a large community -> sudoing users/bots into sending malicious links or disguising it as a notification from bot because you sudo it. 


  • Mr.Mask

    DO you expect everyone to have a spare gmail acc oh wait no they dont

  • Sky_Dragonsz

    10 minute mail, also gmail accounts are free and making one is 1 minute of work. 

    I have a spare gmail account for sites I don't trust or for test purposes. 


    "It is like for used to test permisions and Trolling

    How are you going to test permissions with a sudo command?

    Ask a friend to join your server and take control over him with sudo? Why not directly asking him what to do and getting live feedback. 


    That's why I suggested an extra account for test purposes. 



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