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  • Misha

    "My account was hacked" - I'm sorry to hear that.

    "all my servers are DELETED" - That's very unfortuante.

    "i gave installed a free nitro .exe" - ...I cannot make English out of this sentence.

    "Can he has my password pls" - ...who? Also, giving your password to others is technically against the Terms of Service and also a very incredibly bad idea. That's how people get access to your account to delete your servers.

    "answer per email [redacted]" away your email address on a public forum is... also a very incredibly bad idea, especially if it's the email account you have associated with several things and you use the same password for those things as you did for your Discord account.

    I'm starting to understand how your account was hacked. I hope you learn how to better protect yourself in the future. Good luck.


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  • Nurse Nina

    Next time dont give your password or email away


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