Bring back our selfbots!

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  • brxxn

    This poses a huge security concern. People might not like your selfbot on their server, which is why bot users exist. You also are encouraged to get your own token, and most users have eval commands on their selfbot. That's why bot users exist, and you shouldn't automate your account.

  • TKtony

    i want the music!!!!!!


  • SuperSajuuk

    Selfbots were banned for a reason. They were often used to scrape entire server histories without any consent of admins to doing so and they bypass the oauth2 authentication for actual bots. Selfbots have no reason to exist and are only ever used for abuse.

  • ToS

    I disagree with SuperSajuuk Selfbots are just not controlled yes they basicly bypass it but Selfbots can be useful, you just have to controlle its usage!

  • Hyper

    Saying "No" won't stop people from using selfbots, so I think it would be a great idea to introduce a new API, or a better version of the current ones, that make selfbots less of a nuisance and more of a tool, or a bit of fun. As it stands, discord isn't just a "chat app for gamers" anymore. It's a place to hang out and make new friends, or show off your skills. programming is an extremely rewarding passtime and selfbots are interesting to work on, and its easier to show people what you've done, or help other people if you can run a self bot. Sorry for rant but selfbots are really neat

    tl;dr Stop ignoring the community discord. you see how many upvotes this has

  • Ralf

    Just make sure that other people/bots can easily detect use of selfbots, okay?

    80% of selfbots are used to bypass some protection of other bots and services.


    Self bots are against the terms of service, if you want a bot then make one, if you want links create an adverts channel
    Translated:  Self bots are against the terms of service, if you want a bot then make one, if you want links create an ad placement

  • ! ✞ Draco'DKZ ℱ𝑒́ ♡

    Tem meu total apoio para a volta de selfbots, é necessário e ajuda servidores pequenos à crescer.

  • Kiwifruit

    According to Google Translate:

    Hello, I am an expensive user to disagree and I come to ask for self-returns to come back, so that the servers can grow and even disclose a discord to the people who do not use the application. The main components of the application are not being completed and are not disaggregated. Without the aid of artificial intelligence (autobot) the application ended up being little used what shows itself in bankruptcy. I ask for an understanding of all the programs of discord, and that it be as before.

    This was not edited whatsoever.


    Thanks for the translation Daniel
    My phone automatically translated but thanks

  • Mazzy

    I would only want this added with restrictions. Self bots have only ever caused problems in my experience. This would have to be a permission to add, so that if you so choose, only mods, or the owner could do it.

  • Greem

    I kinda miss my selfbot. It was very risky, and I don't use it anymore. But I loved the ability to embed content, and even find out what guild an emote was from.

    If this comes back, that'd be cool. If not, whatever. I do see why Discord doesn't like them in the first place, because it's automating user accounts which is why they made bot accounts in the first place.

  • Forgi_Forgeth
    I never want to see self-bots. They were banned for all justified reasons. And all I see self-bots do is abuse the system.
  • undermaster
    Selfbots is actually not a good idea. Even though only Nitro Users can make selfbots. Selfbots can cause raids which is actually not a good odea
  • lieuwe_berg


    1) Special, heavily ratelimited API
    2) Option in server settings
    3) Disallow fetchMessages, fetchUsers

  • ! runn0001

    Selfbots can be very useful in some cases please discord bring them back

  • ScriptKitty

    Would be nice if there were an alternative API which allowed registering commands in the discord client to do simple stuff on behalf of the user with its own set of permissions governed by whatever a guild has chosen.

  • FRNathan13

    Upvote! We need selbots again... Just deny some API endpoints like guild ban, etc, or create different user agent for handling selfbot requests, or different scope, example: in bots we use request header `Authorization: Bot DISCORD-BOT-TOKEN` they can add `Authorization: Self-Bot DISCORD-USER-TOKEN`.

  • FRNathan13

    And i don't agree with "nitro users only" stop making discord pay 2 win jesus.

  • Rovester

    FRNathan13, don't get me wrong. I'd love to have selfbots back.

    But one way to restrict abuse is to make it nitro users only.

    Nitro users do not want to lose their account (most of them).

    Some kid is not going to waste money for this kind of stuff.


    Or you allow us to buy a license to use a selfbot. in the dev section.

  • FRNathan13

    Regardless of whether or not the user has nitro subscription, if there is no restriction of the API itself, users with nitro will abuse.


    Example: Games that are paid and that have cheaters, they are banned and they buy the game again and this cycle stays.


    As I said in my post above, it should have a separate dedicated API for handling selfbot requests (if the discord would like to add again).

  • PiggyPlex

    If people want to use selfbots maliciously, they are already able to. If users want to make malicious selfbots, the API is already there. There will always be malicious users, but they shouldn't stop others.

    Also, what about adding a Selfbot API, and a way of detecting selfbots through the API (would be useful for bots; they can ban selfbots in servers who don't want any selfbots at all).

  • Soheab_

    Lol you saying it like it’s not possible anymore.. it is still possible the api supports it even.. but they just saying “don’t do it”

  • FRNathan13

    @PiggyPlex exactly! 

    @sOhEaB_ yes  but discord developers (or whatever) team don't see in this way.

  • AlexejheroYTB

    If you want to ban selfbots, at least give regular bots access to all features of the API! (User Connections?)

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