Bots Be Able To DM You


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  • tristanfarkas
    yeah I agree, this just seems like pushing the problem with dmads back instead of properly fixing it, especially since a lot of bots rely on DMing you, especially when it comes to help commands and it doesnt want to flood a channel.
  • ServerAdmin

    You need to be a bit more clear.

    Do you want bots to be able to DM at all (this is already possible)

    Or do you want a way to make bots only DM people and never spam channels (this is up to the bot maker)

    You can already block bots just fine to stop their messages popping up.

  • ||Jojo||
    The problem is with allowing this that the Bots would be used to spam random users with this permission. Only thing I could think about it is via oauth permission, but thats not easy to use for all.
  • Matthew

    ^ A lot of bots DM people for warns/kicks/bans and people disable their DMs so the bot can't do it.


    Unfortunately I can already hear people shouting privacy invasion

  • DuckMasterAl
    Yes! Maybe also be able to whitelist some bots to dm you though...
  • DingleFlop

    This site is honestly a joke... How do features like this get so many upvotes? This isn't even a feature...

  • Soheab_

    You can just block the bot...

  • Daffy
    You would always report the bots to Trust & Safety for them to take care of it

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