Allow bots to create client-side bot messages like Clyde


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  • TheFutureKnight
    well that's basically sending a normal text using a bot, the only difference being the "delete this message" part which can be easily managed by reacting to a message for example and the bot deletes the message...not sure if there's something else you want/need
  • NurMarvin

    I want to have messages that are only visible to one user and not to others.

    E.g. if I have some super secret message that is only meant for one specific person, I want to send such a client side message in the chat. Of course this could be managed through direct messages but this will fail if users have their direct messages closed or only allow direct messages from friends plus it's pretty annoying to scroll to your direct messages just to look at what the bot sent you instead of having a message directly in chat.

    What's also super annoying, is that direct messages from bots fill up your direct messages after a while.

  • digimbyte

    I second this feature. it would be handy to message a user directly even if they have DM's closed.
    such as authentication and important notifications that you might not want to share to all users.
    this could be anything from a private notification about the server, or a private output from a role play bot.

  • nkyoko

    no, bot api shouldn't have access to users client side

  • HVENetworks

    I would like this idea. It's a small notification, that can be removed by the user at any time. Not just when the bot is up. 

  • ThatTonybo

    Although this is a nice idea, and has a lot of uses, it's abuse-able. Really, really abuse-able.

  • Ghost

    @ThatTonybo everything is abusable in the wrong hands

  • HVENetworks

    How is it really abusable?

  • Donovan_DMC

    If you only want them to see it, just dm them

    I can see where this would be useful, say if they don't have dms enabled (like I don't, because people are annoying), but as Tony said, it could be abused to spam that persons chag that only they can see, and no one else knows is happening 

  • Donovan_DMC

    This would make for a nice permissions error message though, only alerts the person who triggered it, and anything like bans coulf be sent separate

    Publicly "User#0000 was banned", locally "You banned User#0000"

  • Ghost

    doesn't work like that last example Donovan

    Also if an excuse is 'but spam' well, so can any and every other bot spam messages and DM's - most developers don't go down that path and if a user joins a guild where that is normal and they don't like it, they can leave

    its all about the purpose and 'vibe' that guild is using that bot for. if its spam, its on the server owners to make that call. 

  • Ghost

    I see it as a potential area to gain indirect messages to effect of managment, or whispers in RP or outcomes for minigames and server moderation

    being temporary, the messages self destruct on the client anyway.
    it's sad when people dont seem to understand what developing a bot for discord is like

  • ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖

    This would be pretty helpful! An example of where it could be helpful is if a moderator wanted to run a command without other people seeing it, such as a moderation command or even a help command (because those tend to be long and take up a lot of channel space)! +1 from me!

    EDIT: I just thought of this: Having messages like this show up in chat would be a good replacement to having bots DM you. For (lazy) people who are in a lot of servers, it takes a while to scroll from the DMs to a server at the bottom and back to DMs, etc. It would also keep it more organized if multiple servers are using the same bot to DM things to people.

  • DingleFlop

    This is not abusable. This is IN ESSENCE, a temporary DM that shows up somewhere a user doesn't have to tab to see it.
    I vehemently second this. I love good ideas like this.
    The words "client-side" don't apply here, and people thinking this has a security implication or abuse potential don't understand the underlying structure of Discord.

  • GrifGrif 🔥🐾🌈
    This is a great idea but might be a security problem

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