Mute Server Emojis


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  • thetechguy
    we need this
  • George Sanderson

    Is this a joke of some sorts? You can manually edit the notifications for every server you are in.

  • howyummy

    @georgie it aint about the notifications. it's when you open up the emoji tab and then there's an influx of emojis that i don't even use from other servers. 🙄

  • muffi 🐾

    i strongly support this suggestion, scrolling can get tedious in the more servers you are.

    it would be also nice if you could add an option to hide any animated emojis, as this takes forever to load and is entirely pointless when you dont have nitro, or are on community servers where the owner found it sensible to upload the same gif in all available slots just to have them filled completely.

  • kat ☁

    agreed, i hardly use the emojis from some servers and i’d like the option to mute them and only use the emojis or see the emojis i use often from the servers i use often

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