A way to Organize Emotes


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  • RefrigeratedTP

    Google searched how to organize discord emotes, and this was the most relevant result. Thanks for making the post. I hope it gets noticed. Here's a comment to help that cause lol. 



    Just an option to make the emote window bigger would be good too. That was my first google search. Maybe just the same mechanic as clicking the corner of a window and dragging it up and out, or maybe just a setting that makes it much larger. 

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  • Acuddle


    Emoji folders/tags~...

    I got a similar situation with Yuri emojis: I have oodles of them but use them very rarely because they look similar~

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  • kriskotooBG

    Emoji folders would be great! Being able to group similar emotes into folder would be great, also I'm in a couple of servers where they have emojies that consist of like 4 or 6 emojies (together making one giant emote) so being able to group those together in a folder would really clear the cluster!


    My idea of implementing it would be to display the emoji folder with the emojies stacked like the profile pictures in a voice channel in a collapsed category. And when you click on it it would extend and show all of the emojies

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  • ATOMiC

    Why is this still not a thing

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