Let Bots Have .gif Avatars


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  • Blastoise186
    This doesn't seem to have much purpose, I'd probably find that animated bot avatars would get in the way personally.
  • broman

    Bots already have the nitro globally-accessible-emoji feature, so animated PFP would be great!!


  • Doctor Jew

    @Blastoise186 Such a negative answer. Just because you don't see the purpose doesn't mean plenty of bot developers can't.

  • whamer100

    Dude this would be so hecking cool

  • ThatTonybo

    Abusable. Users having it is enough.

  • HexDev

    Maybe they could have it for only Nitro users (cross promo) Which would be another reason to buy Nitro?

  • kelsoji

    This would be actually very awesome because it could allow more creativity from the bot owner. Custom profile pictures that could include some information about the bot itself! Love it.

  • AriG4M3R
    Cool !
  • Frosty
    Sounds cool.
  • GreensaPenguin

    this should be a thing

  • Ibex

    @ThatTonybo how is it abusable? Any more than a regular image is abusable.

  • Ashdearest
    This would be really great.
  • Daffy
    I agree, this would be neat!
  • Prr.Ninja🌀

    this will be nice to see gifs as bots avatars

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