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  • LinkAylomen

    Paypal is already available, thats how I pay.

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  • D

    Paypal is already an option!

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  • Roger

    Fodsse mlk

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  • dootles

    this ^^

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  • Qlimax

    iDeal as well please!

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  • OneOrTheOther

    But adding things such as prepaid card or gift card options

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  • Estebdevil

    Paysafecard option would be great

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  • Candy

    i think pagseguro is good 

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  • Redstonmanager

    Because many may or may not want contracts or subscriptions, as there are many people who like to test or use this feature, but some of those people who do not want contracts or subscriptions, or who are unwilling to do so, would be better off option, especially since subscriptions or contracts usually have to provide the private data, and this is eliminated in the prepaid option, so even people who do not want contracts or subscriptions or may not complete the better option.

    The advantage of prepaid, is that you can use the product without private information, and you do not have to cancel it, because it runs on its own, until you can buy it yourself again on the desired payment method, if you extend it with prepaid the time is added, it still remains pre-paid, and you can just let it run without a big notice to kill, it will only make it necessary that your product will run in X days, should it not be extended, your Discord Nitro will be lost , What is the disadvantage with a contract or subscription for some, you have to specify your private data, you have to cancel it yourself, it does not air itself, the parents or caregivers who have one, say no to contract, so it should in my opinion also give prepaid.

    For questions, or a misunderstanding, just ask me, or ask your question under this topic.


    Short version: Please add prepaid, so you do not have to cancel, or specify private data

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