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  • frolic

    This is a huge problem for me. Browser version lets me adjust the font size, but being able to do it on mobile would be CHOICE. I could use the mobile version on my chromebook!

  • D

    It's available via. the desktop client in user settings > appearance. 

  • binojii

    I totally agree with this! I would love to see what I'm typing along with what others have said without leaning all the way into my chromebook's screen. 

  • Haru 💙🌸
    This idea could work if implemented with its own permission, otherwise I can see this being used for spam more than anything else
  • kitkatkit77

    I could see the increase in text size would help spammers, so I could understand that not being added, but not the decrease in text size P=

  • Gladia

    I was just looking for this, it would be very good to have the dynamic text size in the mobile app.

  • joltdude

    To the person who suggested the Desktop Client... Desktop clients do not run on ChromeOS... Also globally enlarging the UI will make other apps unusable (if you do that suggestion for the Android App).... At least on a ChromeOS device, the only way to have a readable version of Discord is using the web browser version and putting up with the red banner, and resizing it using Zoom in the browser... Which still isn't a great way to use Discord. It is not as fully functional as the app

  • joltdude

    The Discord App on Android has poor accessability.. this font issue isnt just a nicety, its excluding users.... 

    Surprised it hasnt been addressed by now...


  • AshKatana

    Please fix this.  The mobile app is virtually unreadable as is.

  • Ocho Camino


  • EeeChoota

    I see that this has been marked as "completed" and a previous request was marked as "invalid". This is probably due to the desktop version having text scaling.

    Unfortunately, the Android version does not have this function. It would be helpful if there was an acknowledgement that this is an issue making it hard to use. It really shouldn't be that hard to add text scaling to the android app.

  • francrubio

    Is there any other thread about the apps font size???

  • cris77ian


  • Ntoxicated

    I too would greatly appreciate customization of text size on iOS and iPadOS.

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