Family / Friends Nitro pack


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  • Quenz

    Why do you have more than one Discord account?

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  • ╳(͜͡𝓪𝓷𝓖 ⑆

    I'll want to expand suggestion, having not only family, but also a team subscription would be good, because all people in Nitro team can play in games what are able to play with Nitro subscription, for example. That would be useful.

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  • Ricko276

    i have more than one discord account. Same username different #. Cant figure out how that happened or how to login to 'other' account. I tried with the 'forgot password' option. That seemed to have changed the #. that might indicate I actually have 3 discord accounts. 


    One may have been created using my 'comcast' email and the other 'gmail'.  I have discord desk top version AND mobile app on my phone. They are 'same #'. Having a means to select which discord account you want to try and log into may be helpful unless one exists and I am just unable to find it.

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