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  • Anna

    Yeah, this would be really useful. I get a lot of DMs from people and would like a way to disable notifications from individual ones.

  • Oshcara

    Exactly, blocking doesn't work as I want to talk to them at times and if I go offline I don't get notified from other DMS.

  • bradasparky12

    I'm someone who needs this. I don't want to entirely block certain people but being able to silence their notifications so I can see their whole 20+ messages later would be nice. Likewise with how putting yourself on Do Not Disturb works where you can still see their messages coming in with the symbol but not hear the sound.

  • ina

    Just came here to suggest this. 

    I keep having to mute discord alltogether, because I have one friend who sends an endless amount of messages one after the other and it's extremely annoying when I'm trying to watch a stream or video or playing a game.

    But muting discord means that I then miss messages from other friends who very rarely message me and who's messages I would like to get the notifications for, because I would like to take advantage of the times when they have time and feel like chatting a bit. I also miss server pings for when streamers I follow go live or when someone tags me in something. I would like to get audible notifications for those.

    I can't block my friend obviously.. I tried telling him to pack everything into one message and then send it, instead of sending individual messages for every sentence/emote, but he keeps doing it..

    It's so annoying! Please add a feature that lets us mute notifications for individual people, just as we can mute individual channels or servers!

  • SpongeBoobies

    Why this wasn't added in the first place still baffles me. I shouldn't have to mute all of discord just to silence one person.

  • Exotath

    PLEASE THIS OMG. I am so tired of this limitation. For friends that hit send after every word this would be a blessing. Help save my sanity.

  • Jen

    Yes. Please. During specific blocks of time, I have servers I really need to hear notifications from, but I don't want to hear any private DMs, which are 99% guaranteed to be shitposts and unimportant distractions, yet my only option is to disable all notifications, which makes me miss important messages in servers. Ideally, I'd like the option to mute all DM notifications (as you can with servers) and the ability to mute individual chats (as you can with specific channels). 

  • ECC9

    Yeah some of my friends are really annoying and I think others do lol.

  • Chehalem the Wiki Mom

    I would love to be able to mute specific people easily for . The chatty person sending me cat pictures may be a friend, but I don't need to have my notifications going off constantly when I'm waiting to hear from another friend to see if they're available for a game. 

  • iVan_21

    Also you they can let the user select if only show notifications or mute completely an user (Yes I know like WhatsApp),
    I created a post like you talking about this but I din't know that you created this. Could you edit your post and add that :D?

  • EpsilonAlpha

    Would also appreciate that function added to all clients ❤️

  • Groot

    Please make this a feature. I love being able to mute certain (annoying) servers that I still want to be a part of, I'd really think there should be an option to do the same with a specific person who might just be blasting my dm's at 3 am and the only real option is to just remove them.


  • popcorn9499

    The only thing i could add to this is maybe put the notification color on the sidebar to be something else maybe blue to symbolize that, it isn't urgent. Just because sometimes i view the icons number of notifications to determine whether or not to read it and having it go up would most likely make me read it.


    This feature would be greatly appreciated since i know someone who sends messages a lot in bursts and does not seem to care that I am not able to talk 70% of the time and have select people I actually care to get messages from and the rest end up being extras. Thanks

  • Slacker the Cracker

    The ability to mute individual DM conversations (much like users can currently mute entire servers or people in servers) would be extremely beneficial. I find it rather surprising that it isn't already an option. 

  • Klawzie

    Please. I beg of you, let me mute individual DMs.

    There are some people I enjoy chatting with, but I just can't handle their machine gun posting style. Especially if I'm trying to do something else. Especially if I'm trying to use Discord to roleplay and I'm getting bleep-bloops from a machine-gunner while I'm trying to use voice and receive PMs from the other players.

    Blocking people isn't what I want. Putting myself on DND isn't what I want. And those seem to be my only two options.

  • nari

    I was relatively surprised to see that you cannot mute individual DMs. I was well aware of muting servers, which I often do because any type of notification drains my phone battery, but I have a few people on my tail via DMs that are just— I appreciate them but sometimes it’s better that I get back to them way later. 

  • learn2run

    i really need this feature. discord is almost unusable for me without this.

  • peachy

    Please, please add this feature! Don't want to block, but too many notifications! Want some of them but not all.

  • Jen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Discord! Just updated, and saw this beauty in my DMs! Works for private DMs and groups ♥

  • learn2run

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  • peachy

    I only see muting for group DMs, not individuals...

  • Bea

    It's necessary to mute private DMs, please

  • volkoff103102

    I found a mute option on the web app for DMs

    Right-click the DM you want to mute, and there is an option

    Just wish it was on mobile too

  • learn2run

    @volkoff103102 it's a fairly new feature, only within the last 2 weeks so im sure it'll show up on mobile eventually. if you mute on web/pc app it carries over to mobile.

  • Milim Nava

    This is bad thing to add and i see something called Mute that person under it too. It should be remove since what if that friend sends them something super importance and doesn't know it at all.


    That should be remove as its bad ability to have. 

  • Misty

    Thank you so much for this! For anyone looking, I didn't see it originally in the desktop app. I opened it on browser then right clicked the person's name from my DM list > selected mute. Hopping back into the app, I right clicked the same person's DM name and voila! It's there.

  • EpsilonAlpha

    When will this feature come to iOS?

    I running the latest version but i don’t get the option

  • learn2run

    @EpsilonAlpha if you mute on the browser or desktop version it will carry over to the app. that's the best you can do for now as far as i know, but it works for me.

  • Anshalaj

    Is there anyway to mute a specific person's notifications from any text channel.

    Not a DM, but...

    See, there's this bot that keeps saying a specific song is playing on this channel. I don't want to mute the channel, because I enjoy sharing music through the bot, and when my friends are on it, I like to listen to their music and share my own, but the bot just keeps saying "THIS SONG IS PLAYING", but I don't want to know if the bot said anything, i want to know if anyone else said something, so I have to mute the channel.
    The issue is i don't want to mute the channel

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