Stream Deck Integration


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  • Stennos

    And to press a button to post live in specific servers and channels

  • xMr

    Yesss make it so we can post live in our discords without needs of bots and please support images with this too if possible!

  • kyppo

    I would definitely love the ability to (un)mute/(un)deafen Discord with a plugin in SD rather than use hotkeys.

    Hotkeys don't always work in certain fullscreen games.

  • Starki-sama

    I can do nothing but agree with this. One of the primary reasons I have my stream deck is to avoid hotkeys on my keyboard, if Discord got direct integration it would make my entire setup that much nicer.

  • Lewis Dinsdale

    100% agree with Stig.

    I am using Discord as a voicecomm tool for Zwift online, ( but riding a bike a reaching a keyboard is really not viable. Pushing to talk from the Stream Deck would be awesome! 

  • DavidGX

    Yes, please! I'd love the ability to post a chat message in a specific channel on a specific server with a button press on the Stream Deck.

  • Fred

    StreamDeck now has a public API - I made a mute/deafen plugin:

  • Lewis Dinsdale

    Fred! You legend! Works a treat!! Could you add a push to talk button or how could I map the mute/deafen one to PTT? Thanks for the work on this! 

  • Fred

    I don’t think so - though you could use a hot key action on the stream deck to push to talk. If you don’t want to use a normal key, you could assign it to F17 and add that in discord settings

  • scubastevetxst

    Please add this with Stream Deck having an API now I hope it would be considered

  • Decimus

    Hopefully they add this!

  • Joelt

    Here is the SDK on it

  • krazydotk

    Fred just wanted to stop in to say thank you, the instructions were easy to follow and it works exactly the way i needed it. Thank you so much!

  • Being_Parzival

    Would also love the ability to assign voice channels to the Stream Deck buttons so that I can switch between different servers and voice channels easily...

  • Rocky

    yes this really does need to happen, maybe even a post a specific message in specific channels in selected servers which could also be done with multi action option in streamdeck. but PLEAAAAASE make this happen!

  • RooskyRex

    @Fred, thanks for the plugin!!

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