Ability for each user to rearrange channels/categories for themselves


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  • Gecko

    I completely agree, but they should just be able to reorganize channels without or inside a category and categories.

  • Ryan Wiancko

    This is probably my biggest complaint about discord in general.. Every morning I wake up and all of the channels are in a completely random order because of people re-arranging them.. The problem is that not all users can see all channels, so when they arrange them it's not with the bigger picture in mind, causing the order for those users who can see all of the channels to go in complete disarray.  It is a big mind boggling that there isn't a simple permission based rule where you can prevent people from re-arranging channel order, at the very least.  Teh ideal work would be that plus the ability to re-order locally without having any affect on the server defaults

  • tristanfarkas
    I believe this could cause a lot of confusion, like if you write in a announcement, "Remember to write/read in these channels under a specific category. Or what if they lose access to a category but they had put som channels in there, couldnt that create a lot of confusion?
  • sheepzY

    Maybe categories could be moved only as they are? But channels in noncategory could be moved alone. I don't get your question so :/ 

  • Paradox
    This would inevitably create some inconsistencies between clients. Anyways, you can already mute certain channels and hide them from view - giving you some flexibility to adjust which channels you can see.
  • Nico123o

    I mean, it sounds like an alright idea, I'll be honest, but this is kind of extra on the Discord development-side. The owner's of the server form it to be the way it is obviously for a reason so, I don't think it should be held at the discretion of a server member to change that.


    I'm sorry,

    bZoom Carcino.




  • !Takes a Carcino

    I dont see why it matters how a member changes their own view of the channel, the tech is already there, they dont need to do much

  • nilslorand

    Completely agree, It's just client side, People can already hide any channel they want so giving them the ability to rearrange them client-side is giving users a lot more control

  • !Takes a Carcino

    this needs more attention

  • √(Yolwoocle)²

    Maybe I'd be nice to be able to organise only inside the category it's in. I like this !

  • √(Yolwoocle)²

    Maybe I'd be nice to be able to organise only inside the category it's in. I like this !

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