Open Discord games offline?


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  • Zacle


  • Kotaru

    This. It is the reason I do not use twitch games. PLEASE let me play offline games without internet connection.

  • IcelandicAsian

    I’m a frequent flyer, and internet is not always available on board an airplane. Plus, $10 is too much for an internet connection when it is available just to be able to gain access to games I already have downloaded.

  • Mute Bear

    i dont know why this isnt an option. i mean you download the game onto your pc so its not like internet is required at all. 


  • IcelandicAsian

    It's just more overkill DRM BS.  Honestly, if they want to DRM to make sure I don't share the game with my friends because they want their money, you know what, that's fine.  But to take it even further and require an internet connection just to play a game?  Really?  I mean I thought Rockstar went far enough requiring activation every couple of days, so I couldn't play GTA V when I was out in the middle of nowhere for two weeks with no internet, but this is just absolutely ridiculous what Discord is doing.

  • Blastoise186
    This sounds like a complicated one, but it would definitely help if I could at least play offline for at least a limited amount of time, such as a few days before re-verifying my entitlements.
  • megannnjay
    Seeing as at the moment the app doesn't even load at all when offline, this might be a long ways off, if they do it at all
  • waffles
    this wouldn't make much sense, most of the games are multiplayer anyways
  • Blastoise186
    While this wouldn't work for multiplayer games, it could potentially be possible for single player games in the future. I'd be interested in keeping an eye out
  • Archi
    actually Discordapp is all online. Doing this will not be possible.
  • Spycoal

    I can see pirates use this, possibly emulating you being offline for bypassing Discord DRM.
    I dont really think its a good idea.

  • Schnurtelefon

    @Spyocoal I think most games are not only on Discord, so they can simply crack another version (e.g. Steam...) and crackers will always find a way to bypass every DRM, so its not very useful to add a "Discord DRM". Actually, a way to bypass the DRM has been found already.

  • IcelandicAsian

    I play lots of singleplayer games, and there are a lot of singleplayer games on discord as well. I don’t agree with DRM, it only inhibits piracy for 1 day and then the next day the game is cracked. Of course multiplayer doesn’t always work, unless the cracker sets up his own server as is the case with quite a few cracked games especially popular ones. What I’m saying is I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to prove I own the game just to be able to play it. I paid for it already that should be it. I shouldn’t have to screw around with DRM that expects me to have an internet connection. I mean even GTA V has its own DRM in addition to Steam’s DRM and it’s annoying that it requires an internet connection to play singleplayer, that I’d rather just get the cracked version even though I already have the genuine copy I genuinely paid for.

  • IcelandicAsian

    Disc based games for consoles don’t have this DRM nonsense. I don’t have to have an internet connection to play a disc I stick in my PS4. Why can’t PCs be that way too? Even the physical copy of the PC version of GTA V requires internet to play singleplayer and I honestly think that’s the stupidest thing ever.

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    if it were possible to play offline, then it would be possible to keep it indefinitely as long as you don't connect online, regardless of if your sub expired or not. the only way to circumvent this would be to make every app a timebomb, which makes it even easier to exploit than the current system, which checks for validity when you connect.


    maybe you should try to think about the reasoning for things before posting sometimes, huh?

  • Kio

    People for some reason don't like the truth. Discord *is* an online app. AKA, Electron. You're basically downloading a slim version of chrome. Now, it can be possible, but pirates can take advantage of this by sticking in user-id codes into the DRM like its nobodys business. As for Gheldrik, Piracy is a crime in itself. I get it- 'Games are free' but owning them makes people feel good. I get both sides of the picture, but it'll be difficult to satisfy both sides of the spectrum without losing. You either get safety & profit, or convenience. As a developer, I do want my product to be safe, and I want it to be properly purchased.

    (Not to mention, Piracy has been known to kill your contract with your ISP, at greater risks you can be sued, or infected.. Ah, the list goes on. Plus, 'Free' games on Piracy is cheating. You're stealing. I will happily demo a game, but I'm buying the ones I like!)

  • Spycoal

    Okay, this sparked a lot of convo.

    First of, let me set my sides, I am not on the side of DRM. I do not like DRM, I am not fan of either Anti-Tampering nor digital rights management software. Neither do I support any business that uses DRM, and to note I am not suggesting to add Discord DRM, Discord DRM is already an actual thing though. states that developers can add protection to their executable requiring people to log into Discord.

    Although, I assume this is probably very tiny, in fact, I have heared that some people have managed to bypass the thing, mostly from Pirate friends. I do not support Piracy either, Piracy is not some kind of rebellion against DRM, but it is a felony.

    Also to note, @Gheldrik, please stay civil here. We are not pirates on some big pirate ship in the sea.
    And yes, although it has been already cracked, quite a lot of games, although explain why we should just open the door for them.

    Sure, we can, add offline mode, in fact, I have red that it already is in the works, but this will probably find some way to be emulated allowing games to be DRM bypassed.
    If we just go by that, we could put aside the DRM entirely, it would probably have the same effect, maybe some praise for Discord on the side.

    Puh, jesus guys, this was just a small remark, not a declaration of war because of this DRM thing. 

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