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  • lavendersky11

    Please, make Screenshare over the mobile app possible! +1


  • Maverik

    definitely needed

  • Alakki

    Me and a friend were in a scenario where we really wanted this very much, Please do implement this in ASAP :)

  • criptixo

    having this added, would be absolutely amazing.

  • Deleted User 48518692

    It's still worth trying. I would really like to see that, even if I couldn't use it

  • bisc

    I would also liek this feature, as  I am using a pixelbook. This means in some situations, sadly, I am operating in the worst of both worlds using chrome os.  so one of 2 things needs to happen make a chrome oriented version that allows screen sharing  or make the android one able to do it.

  • judge

    This could easily work even on iOS since IOS allows screen recording and screen broadcasting, you can currently share your iOS screen or android screen with other devices with teamviewer/teamviewer quick support.

  • Blue_EyedDraco

    A bunch of my friends and I have been talking about this for a awhile and I've been talking about it the most. I was wondering if you guys can have the mobile version of discord have a program to enable a screen share like having it on the PC. I was wondering if you guys can make a program like that, and that would be very appreciated.

  • Toby

    Not sure if Apple would allow that but I’d be all for it

  • Benny K.

    This is a great idea! This would be great, but it could have some difficulties, but this idea is very great.

  • long boi

    Plenty of people still have Android 6 because of how slowly some manufacturers push out updates for their software (if at all)

  • Pastor Ricky

    I agree this is important


  • Frosty
    Not bad.
  • MeLlamanHokage
    say goodnight FaceTime 😈
  • El pendejo de Tostada


  • Sarptra

    Can you add this button ?


  • Ghostwolf
    Yeah this would be awesome feature!
  • Kei no

    Still hoping this gets a response. 

    Its definitely feasible now with iOS and many programs supporting it. 

  • Jeffrey

    Soup can

  • Suspense
    yep why not
  • thetechguy
    i dont see why not
  • Asriel Dreemurr

    It seems like a obvious thing to put in.

  • JustinRoKStar

    I really hope they would do that sometime soon. 

  • Hybrid

    it would be a amazing idea!

  • 𝓥𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓮

    I think this is great, maybe you could plug your phone to your pc or something to make it a thing? For a more stable results maybe?


  • Zeckrono

    I have an iphone 7 and I connect my charger cord to my pc but does that mean I can screen share what I’m doing on my pc to a discord call?

  • maxic

    This isn't possible due to iOS limitations right now

  • Sonora Wolf

    This might not be a good idea. While most modern mobile devices can handle this, it's not a good idea because older devices that are still supported by Discord will just crash or display a very low quality image due to internet instability or because the screen are of a very low quality. This also is because mobile devices support cellular connections, this will also be very unstable. I personally would like to see this happen but I don't see it as likely.

  • fear me

    lol who even has android 6 anymore



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