Suggestions: Messenger feature, and DM customability


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  • MAHO

    Couldn't agree more regarding the Chat Head overlay (but with the ability to have channels included with the DM's), that function alone is what keeps me using Facebook Messenger -- the sooner I can completely disconnect from that platform the better.

  • BifDexron

    How does this feature request only have 28 votes? This feature would be universally WORSHIPPED in the mobile gaming community (Pokemon GO mainly, I think I heard that's pretty popular ;)


    I agree on that, having a floating chat would make it easier for mobile users to reply to chats while keeping the current app running (cause some apps suddenly ends the process when you switch to another app)

  • DIO

    If anything they should be optional... just in case anyone of the team decides to implement it and it's greatly impacting the design again.

  • Sheeper

    Of course it should be. In messenger you have an option to disable it and if they decide to implement it they should make that option as well. 

  • R/wooosh

    if I'm being honest this would be a great feature to discord. to be on your phone playing something like bloons TD 5 and receive a DM or something and be able to reply to it all without leaving the game. 

  • Wasabi

    This would a great feature to have on Android. 

  • Tanukihero

    Man I would kill for chat heads, it's the one feature that keeps me using messenger over discord on my phone

  • Malisent [Lis]

    This would be a great feature for both mobile and desktop.  My friends and co-workers badly want to switch to Discord as our primary chat - but the inability to easily and visibly track important conversations stops us.

  • Aqua💦

    I don't know how this isn't a feature yet

  • Chan San

    If chat heads were implemented as a feature, I would 100% drop Facebook messenger in favor of discord. It's not even while playing games, but just communication in general I find that texting is so primitive compared to messaging due to wifi vs cell signal. I would use this app as my main mode of communication as well as get my friends and family on it. This would be a smart move for discord to grow the community. I'm all for it.

  • Nostrildumbass


  • AeeriisCZ

    IT Will be great for PoGo communities

  • Rance

    Desperately need the chat heads feature. My roommates and I would love to drop messenger because that's the only reason we still use it, but until this is implemented, it's just not nearly as convenient. 

  • Cam
    Same as Desktop.
  • 🌈🍂

    Chat heads are the single feature which keeps me preferring FB Messenger to Discord. Bump bump bump!!!!

  • Northern
    This doesn't seem the smartest idea. I believe this maybe a valid suggestion for a tablet but not on a phone.

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