size of avatars and names back to normal (Android)


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  • Břex /アヌス

    Disgusting, everything is so big, I have been using smaller system font and now it's ruined.
    ~Břex /アヌス

  • Břex /アヌス

    I agree completely. Everytime I have to look at these awful monstrous names, I feel offended and disgusted.

  • Nora

    I really hate it as well

  • Wemal-chan

    I agree with you and Nora it's a bad addition, please make it at least changeable in Settings.

  • ♥Martin♥

    Yes please, change it back or give us the option to scale it. Its really distracting and I cant imagine how annoying it would be in huge servers.

  • No_U

    this looks horrible please bring back old size

  • paranoidvoid

    I have a mental disorder that can already make reading a challenge. Having to transition between two different font sizes immediately short circuits my brain and I have immense difficulty following conversations on discord now. I know it wasn't intentional, but I don't believe this update is at all friendly to neurodivergent folk.

  • bindog boi

    I have sought out a discord feedback site (this) specifically to voice my complaints about this update. It breaks the flow of a conversation and is incredibly distracting, as well as in my opinion, makes the entire chat look a little less clean and tidy than before. At the very least, please employ a user scale, so we can decide on our own text sizes.

  • Jarla

    It's so bad. I can barely stand to look at discord on mobile now because it's so cramped and gross looking.

  • Roko

    Like all the other comments are saying, please add a scale or get rid of this update completely. It's very jarring to look at, and I lose focus a lot when trying to read conversations, especially with the big servers I'm in.

  • RomanceNinja

    It's so distracting, I can't look at anything without it diverting my attention.

  • MikeTheFridge (Trekkie Pizza)

    Please fix this it doesn't look good at all. I've spent the last half hour trying to figure out how to get rid of ot and realized I can't. Add a scale or anything that will make this feature optional.

  • Ironarcher13

    If anyone is on Android and wants to go back to an earlier version until the problem is fixed, I recommend checking out this article:
    You want to go back to at least 831, potentially earlier. I downloaded version 823 and it was back to the normal size.

  • Ironarcher13

    A temporary solution to this problem is to revert to before this update was implemented. It's quite easy to do for an app like this. A simple guide:
    Once there, you can use the link provided to access a website where you can find earlier version of apps. Search up Discord, then select version 8.2.6 or previous (whenever this update was done) and download it (make sure Discord is not downloaded before doing so). You may have to tamper with security settings for downloading apps but it is perfectly safe (trusted website). After you have installed the older version you just have to login and bravo, you have the normal size we know and love.

  • Defracted

    Please, roll back or let us configure it

  • jarieljimenez

    I agree completely; the new font is very distracting even on larger screens, though it should be noted that on screens below 5.5" it becomes more notable.

  • andreacsenge

    Agreed. They're especially weird on phones with big screens, like mine. I imagine they maybe aren't as bad on smaller phones, but for me the names appear ridiculously big.

  • WhateverTrash

    Right with you there. Discord looks really clunky and a lot less sleek now. Especially with the nickname size change, you can add even FEWER characters to your nicknames before it gets to be cut off. (Press F for all long joke names who are affected by this.) The time stamp has to be moved as well because of this change, and for me, it's extremely awkward when it looks like it's barely in the screen.

    My brain doesn't register this size of text very well, I have no idea why, but it makes things harder to read for me, and I'll be able to get through less messages in more time because I'll have to reread so many things.

    It would be nice if it was was a toggle. Small, default, and large text options for people who want it (or extra large, for those that still have trouble reading this size!) Or maybe a slider, where you can press "reset" for it to go back to default? I feel like there's options so people can get the both of both worlds bit. Christ this change is terrible when you don't have a choice!

  • Dom☆

    Yes, the current font size was obtained before by changing your phone font size to large, now normal size is large.

  • callum

    Pretty pointless change, it was perfect the way it was. If these new font/display picture sizes are staying, give us options, either on a slider or a simple revert option. Some (if not most) of us were perfectly fine with the old sizes.
    Experimentation is good, but if it isn't broke...

  • Embera

    New font size is way too big. Please give us the option to make it smaller in device. Doesn't look like any changes were made on the computer version. Please don't change it

  • ToddTheSquid

    I accidentally emailed them about this before realizing this thread existed. Whoops. Upvoted.

    This seriously rustles my jimmies, and triggers my OCD. I actually want to vomit (but that may just be pneumonia). It hurts my eyes to look at and I really don't need my eyes to hurt both from discord (which is my entire life while I have pneumonia) and from the pneumonia itself. Thanks for making my sick days just a *little* bit worse fellas.

  • DIO

    This needs a hotfix this asap. For now i downgraded to 8.1.9 because it's just unbearable.

    Edit: Almost a week and still nothing changed... it can't be that hard to change a simple number determining the font size and recompile the apk. 

  • SnipSnipSnipered

    I too would like to vote for a configurable font size; the new one makes longer messages way more uncomfortable to read and as someone with a screen that isn't huge I preferred the smaller fontsize. Please consider reverting the change or giving us an option, thank you.

  • TheBiggerFish

    Augh! At least be consistent with your sizes! If you're upsizing text that's the same size as other text resize the other text!
    But actually this should be configurable! Good grief!

  • DJNeonNight
    I like the idea of a configurable control, similar to what we have at Desktop, but I'd rather keep the actual sizes
  • jarieljimenez

    This was a completely unnecessary change and just makes everything look more crowded than before.

  • Meth

    The bigger font size is good for those users who have a hard time reading the text. However, there are those people, we, who prefer having small front size since we are used to it and it is more convenient for us. I hope there would be a setting where you could change the size of the texts instead. That way, it will be more convenient to both parties. Or atleast enable the app's font size to adjust with the phone's font size.

  • Yahiroz

    It may have been affected by this:

    But yes, the best option is to add a configurable setting that allows us to change the font size to our liking. Please do not suggest us changing the system font size instead, as that will also affect other apps. It is much better if Discord has it's own independent setting.

  • OminousCry

    Thanks for adding a font scaling setting in the latest Android Alpha update, really appreciate it!

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