A way to disable /spoiler We need a way to disable this /spoiler command, my Discord server has over 111k people and everybody is using it... Either making it a role permission etc, but we need someway of removing it.


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  • Shira

    Yes, This is exactly what we need,. Also a way to disable seeing spoiler tags. I dont want to have to click to read every message that people want to use the spoiler tag for, (ex: using it just for fun)

  • Doggo

    Blade you derp, that the title that you just wrote your whole essay in

  • FRNathan13


  • Zariem

    I would love it if we had options like

    - channel settings: disable spoilers in a specific channel (or group of channels)
    - user settings: automatically reveal all spoilers to me (toggle on or off)

    Moderating a server of a lot of people is much more difficult if everyone uses spoilers.
    On my server, we have promptly decided to "disable" spoilers with our bot, because they make moderation difficult. (We auto-delete messages that contain spoilers and post a reminder that we disabled spoilers here.) It's kinda a workaround. If people could just toggle spoilers in a channel or for themselves, we could still moderate at ease, seeing all spoilers' contents without clicking on them, and we wouldn't need to use our bot to work around this issue.

  • Speediare

    I do agree that it could be disabled in specific channels, but in User Settings (on non-mobile devices), in the Text & Images section, there's a way to change your personal spoiler settings. Just scroll down and you should see this:

    P.S. It's already been suggested to add these settings to mobile devices, so if you want, you can go over and upvote it.

  • ServerAdmin

    Just have your moderator bot delete messages with spoilers in them unless the person has a particular role (stopgap).

    I have a bot do the same thing for links to other discord servers.

  • Doggo

    Can a bot even do that? I'm not sure bots can pick up special text like itallics with the astrics and stuff like that though since they are not directly in the viewable message

  • Zariem

    Yes, a bot can do that. Just check if the message contains the character sequence "||" more than once.

  • Doggo

    thats what i am saying is that idk if that is like that, because it can't see commands if u put a \ infront of it and it can't see if there is * in an italics

  • Zariem

    in the
    bot.on('message', ...);
    function, your bot sees a message object in its plain form.
    If you typed "Hey, this is italics and this is bold", your bot will read message.content as "Hey, this is *italics* and this is **bold**". With spoilers, what the user sees as black box to click on, the bot actually reads at "hey, this is a ||spoiler||"

    What you're saying is that the bots you use cannot see a command if you put a \ in front of it, because they are programmed that way. Program them differently, and they can see commands like these too. A bot can detect italics, bold, spoilers etc. if its programmer programmed the bot to detect it.
    A bot can react onto detecting things like spoilers, if it is programmed to react because of it. It cannot make the spoiler visible for others, just like you cannot make the spoiler visible for anyone except yourself. It can not change another user's message, just as you cannot edit another user's message, even with Admin rights.
    However, a bot can delete another user's message if the bot has the permissions to do so. Just like you can delete another user's message if you are a moderator or an admin with the necessary permissions.

    So, yes, it is possible to program a bot that detects spoilers and then deletes messages which contain a spoiler.
    That does not mean that the bots you currently have on your server have this functionality. It means that maybe some public bot out there has that functionality, and that certainly, private bots out there have the functionality. (Mine does.)

    Just as a bit more proof, here's an actual piece of code in JavaScript that could make your bot delete messages that contain spoilers.

    bot.on('message', message => {
    let msg = message.content;

    // regular expression matching, checks for any "||" in your message
    let match = msg.match(/\|\|/g);

    // if there was a "||" and then if we have more than one match for "||"
    // we detected a spoiler!
    if (match && match.length > 1) {
    message.delete(); // needs permissions to delete the message!
    message.reply("Sorry, we don't allow spoilers here.");
  • ServerAdmin

    Just to reinforce, this is not hard for a bot to do. In a popular (Python based) bot architecture, Red, it would be done thus:

    async def listener(self, message):
        if re.search(r'||.+||',message.content, flags=re.DOTALL) is not None:
            await self.bot.delete_message(message)

    It is literally as easy as that. Bot writing is not hard.

  • Doggo

    but that is creating your own bot not using something like dyno which is easier since some of us just don't know how to use code

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