Enter to send option for mobile?


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  • Sephilya

    Totally, i think it used to be like that at one point in the past, actually

  • DIO

    Please don't make this the default, make it an OPTIONAL function in the settings.

  • The Lunala

    This probably wouldn't work for mobiles because they don't have a shift button. So, there's would be absolutely no way to start a new line. btw, this option is available for external keyboard. In settings>Behaviour (Android)

  • Zandi❤

    i don't see why you couldn't just switch the two, enter button becomes send, send button becomes new line. i'd gladly swap easier access between the two

  • The Lunala

    kokomaru, then why even switch them?

  • Zandi❤

    because i rarely care about making new lines, especially when just chatting with the mobile app, but i would like to be able to send more comfortably

  • The Lunala

    I mean clicking on the send button beside your actual text is way more comfortable than clicking the button on your virtual keyboard.

  • Zandi❤

    are you saying that's been your experience? if so i'm jealous

    for me it's been way more reliable to hit the enter button on my keyboard than the send button as i described in my original post (with multiple different keyboards, in general i just find them to be more responsive than most app ui)

  • The Lunala

    ok. I agree. Different people have different experiences.

  • tomiantenna

    @Zandi makes many great points, and @The Lunala makes none.

  • DiscordWeeb

    Slack has enter to send. Signal has enter to send. Various text apps have it. Why is it still missing from Discord?

    That option in Behavior doesn't work. I press enter, it still doesn't send regardless of that setting

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