Add a Function to add a VOD-Sync-Channel on discord servers of Nitro owners.


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  • Ruev

    Good idea!

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  • Giraffesyo

    Basically's entire business

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  • ||Jojo||
    I think this feature sounds really nice but it should not be nitro-only
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  • Ryuuka Shinrai

    Making it Nitro would benefit discord a lot though. I want discord to stay around for a long time instead of demanding more without paying for it. Also i wouldnt want to kill off and keep the option to use it for those who can't pay and are fine with using external programs. In addition to that the function should be serverwide for nitro owners which means people who dont have nitro can still watch along in those rooms but just cant create them on their own. With editing rights non Nitro owners can even control the content.

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  • Frosty
    Incredible idea!
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