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  • Sheev Palps

    I agree with this. It'd be neat to feature a direct link to your discord profile on other platforms. ( Your own website for business purposes, or simply to stay connected with people on other platforms). All in all, it'd be cool for gamers to have their discord profile URL on their steam profiles or Bnet profiles.

  • Chris

    This comment seems to have been spreading misinformation, my apologies. The link only works to people in your social circle and not on a broader spectrum. see @Aisyx 's post below.

    Hey, I just saw this in passing. It is actually already possible, just not very well documented for some reason.

    Here is my profile:

    Edit:  Making it more clear that this isn't actually the right solution.


  • Aisyx

    @Chris: I had actually checked the documentation for just that before making my post.

    Unfortunately, that link will just take me to either

    • (A) My [broken] activity feed, or
    • (B) my friends list 

    ... due to HTTP 403 (code 50001) because I'm not within your social sphere.

    My idea with this proposal was to have links similar to server invites (with the optional addition of vanity URLs) which would work without adjacency for more clearly sharing your Discord information with others on social platforms.

    EDIT: Spacing
    EDIT(2018-12-04): Changed "will just takes me to" -> take

  • Chris

    Oh.. I suppose having a friend test it for me wasn't the smartest idea I have ever had. Strange since all my permissions are open to everyone aswell so I would have thought it'd work.

    I'm with you on making this a thing then.

    Sorry I couldn't be of help

  • Sheev Palps

    No idea why this isn't a popular topic. Even links to your own twitch channels can be shared. Something like a discord profile should be able to be shared on other platforms once you have connected your discord account to that specific platform. (Similar to connecting your facebook to steam or other similar cases).

  • Aisyx

    @Chris: Yeah, those permissions are just for who can send you friend requests (via your Discord tag). I would still need to be in a server or group DM with you in order to view your profile card (hence what I meant by 'adjacency').

  • johnsonkachary

    I have found my profile id.. with 50% help from your post here @Aisyx and 50% from other post.. Great stuff

  • XGN Bambi

    I agree. 


  • edhifx

    Sorry if oot, how do i find my profile link? I tried Chris link with my number ID but it goes to login page. Not to my profile. So how is the solution?

  • ChrisUnseen

    This really needs to be a feature. Honestly makes no sense why it wasn't apparent during intial development. It seems like a basic need for users. It's incredibly frustrating to not be able to create a link with an actual URL to my Discord profile.

  • johnsonkachary

    It worked for me. This is my id 418047142008193024. So my url goes

    If you want to know how to find your discord id, it's very easy. Just contact me

  • ChrisUnseen

    Johnson, that link you posted only leads to an error page for anyone trying to view it. Have tried several times from different platforms and browsers. Wish there were a way to do this.... So damn simple.

  • johnsonkachary

    You got to get logged in at your discord account. When you click that link a white blank popup note comes showing your discord profile(name) to others. This is it showing your discord profile to others

  • Aisyx

    @johnsonkachary, @ChrisUnseen: Please see my post here regarding why those links do not work.

    Only people who share one or more channels with you - or are your friend - can view your profile card. Naturally, this means you can always see your profile card, but others can't.

  • Chris

    Edited my original comment to reflect this ^

    Sorry for the trouble ;~;

  • fionnafire

    hopefully by commenting I can help bump this up slightly so the devs see it

  • Jo

    double bump! this would be useful!!!


  • general nuisance

    i was just looking to see if i could link my discord to my blog. having an about page in general would be useful but a link to 'add as friend' on discord is plenty enough for me. 

  • Nevetos

    This would indeed be a godsend.

  • bastet_of_orion
    Being able to link one's user profile is very useful, especially in terms of advertising oneself for things such as Twitch, YouTube, and other work opportunities.
  • HarleyGirl

    @johnsonkachary  I am still confused as how to create a link so I can join something. "


     Yes the next one is March 16th and 30th please provide me with your link so I can verify you. Thanks you " This ^^^^^^^^^^ is what I was sent & I don't understand it. Please I am new to this whole thing HELP
  • whimsyy

    I think this is a must as you can basically link any of your other gaming or social media profiles in a URL, whereas discord just has the user tags, which don't link to anything. It would be a nice addition to be able to have all the socials as links, instead of having just the tag to be added via in app/on web.

  • bastet_of_orion
    User profile links are a good idea, especially if they can be used for friending purposes since the current friending method is fraught with complications.
  • Sheev Palps

    Just adding another comment to bump this up for more attention.

  • Phil

    Definitely want to see this!

  • Forgi_Forgeth
    Could also be good for discord support.
  • 𝚅𝚒𝚗𝚒


  • Chobischtroumpf



    add a background process on your computer as a "game" that you are playing, then rename that "game" to anything you wish!

    (even better you could whip up a script to utilize rich presence)

  • Dante


    I agree. This would be a very nice feature. It could help new users who don't 100% understand discord tags, and would make social media sharing/linking a LOT easier. 

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