We want to make our own Clydes


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  • Mr.Mask

    I seriosly think this is good

  • Mr.Mask

    Why you keep downvoting its good idea

  • Kaydax

    There is no actual way to do this using just the api, and it would be useless because there would need to be the bot itself to be on the server to actually allow this. You are better off just using a discord client mod to do this

  • Roasted_Chicken

    Alt account:
    Yeah but thats why i'm suggesting it

  • Mr.Mask

    @Kaydax i know that that is why i am suggesting it so it would be real duuuh

  • PiggyPlex

    You could use the Direct Message feature in your bot. You could also use a link/reaction collector to delete the message.

  • Mr.Mask

    yeah but it would not look as nice

  • •MGC•Mr_ChAI

    Definitely upvote

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