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  • Tayjia

    Upvote everyone! This is how changes are slated for future updates. ;)

  • Btrfly

    Agreed, I can no longer take calls on discord due to not having privacy enabled for calls. I used this option multiple times daily, especially while at work and in public places. I don’t want to have to purchase a headset just for this purpose. Lame change imo.

  • Ly’liana

    Privacy, the ability in which an individual can selectively exclude themselves within information from others, is not something which a company whose focus on their clientele needs (I.e. users) should not be infringed upon. Not only is it a reliability issue, it is negligent that a company would direct the privacy of individuals based on a baseless statistic which hadn’t been accurately conducted.

    This is irresponsible.

    Whomever made this decision to release it on impractical false information should retrain on proper protocol, inform the employee to give useful and accurate information on what should be disclosed, and relay it to customer service should ever this situation arise, it can be deliberately dealt with effectively and efficiently. People are inclined to cooperate when rational responses are given.

  • Freya

    Please change it back! I absolutely hate this speaker phone only thing. Why was it even changed in the first place?? Bad move for mobile app :(

  • ShenYang

    The thread on this can be found over here :)

  • Btrfly

    Bad business call and even worse customer support. I don’t understand why the phone option was removed for iOS and not android, my friend who uses android still has the option. This is singling out users.

  • Tayjia


  • ray

    change it back omg.

  • Saintanic

    Regret updating the Discord app. The main thing I use it for is private calls, rarely use the speaker function. Don’t fix something that was never broken.

  • Briony

    There is no reason this change was required. There is no burden on Discord’s programming or the app’s functionality requiring this change because some users use the speaker feature more than regular phone settings. Telling us we can still connect to external earbuds and things like AirPods doesn’t make this right. It should be reverted back.

  • TM | NOVA

    The decision to remove this feature seems bizarre and misguided. What could possibly have made anyone think it would be a good idea to remove this? I use Discord out and about all the time, and being able to use my phone as a phone is, unsurprisingly, very handy. I was at a coffee shop today and needed to join a chat on Discord only to have everyone's voices being broadcasted for the whole place to hear while I fumbled with the controls trying to turn off speakerphone, before realizing I couldn't.

  • Tayjia

    Exactly Shrek! Agreed

  • Tayjia

    Hmm, wonder why Discord is being so vague about why they “had” to do this? Is it an iOS thing somehow?? Just out with it!

  • Took my heart and shred it

    Watch the option turn into a paid option

  • ShenYang

    Has anyone gotten any sort of response from Discord other than stating that it's working as intended & to come here to voice for changes?

  • Tayjia

    This is what they told me most recently:

    “Thanks for writing back.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to disclose the exact reason why we made this change. But if you want to see the option back, I can only suggest you post the idea in our feedback page.

    I'm terribly sorry for all the hassle and inconvenience. If you have any other questions, though, please let me know.”

    Kinda cryptic if you ask me.

  • Jǫɭįŋę Ąŋɠęɭųş Ąɱąŗą

    Why would you change it to speaker only?  Put it back I don't want people listening to my Convo... Give me the choice to turn  on speaker when video is off !! 

  • ...('v')...

    Thats fk back voice telefon is better then u can choose wut u want

  • Babykitten

    @Tayjia I got someone to tell me exactly why it was changed, and frankly I’m insulted.

    John Edward
    5 days ago
    Hey Babykitten

    So sorry for the frustration this is causing you. For now, however, this feature was changed by our iOS team intentionally because many users were confused on how to enable speakerphone on the iOS app, and we'll share your feedback with the team regarding reverting this feature.

    If you have further questions, feel free to ask and I'd be more than happy to help.

    John Edward”

    Stellar job discord.

  • NorthernLynx

    For the love of god, please change it back! I’ve been looking at the App Store almost daily waiting for a patch to fix the calls being forced on speaker only, only to find out today that they intentionally changed it. One of the worst decisions ever made if you ask me.

  • laerissad

    Please bring the option back. I don't want to want my only options to be using headphones or having everyone in the vicinity listen in to the details of my voice calls. After reaching out to support, this is the response I got:


    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing inconveniences with the new iOS audio output! The earpiece functionality (aka the old "iPhone" option) was removed in the last update due to the team learning that the speakerphone option was the primary method most users use while on voice chat. Selecting the "iPhone" option in the current output selector will automatically output audio through the device's speakers. However, users can still use external output sources like Bluetooth or wired headsets, AirPlay devices, etc if you prefer not to use the device's speaker.

    Sorry for all the inconvenience and hassle! As with every new change, we're definitely keeping everyone's feedback in mind. I'll make sure to pass your input along to the team, but it would also help if you could vote up the suggestion at, since feedback contributes greatly to our decision making of which features and fixes to implement in the future based on what our community wants. 



    Really hope this change is reversed soon, taking away options like earpiece use.. for a voice call on a *phone*.. really seems illogical regardless of what was "most popular".

  • Kit.Kat

    With this new update, I’m actually using Discord less. If I had the option to switch to a closed phone call instead of speaker, Discord would be my preferred call method. I want to use Discord, but just can’t with this speaker thing. Even in group calls, I never use speaker because I have to be considerate of my surroundings.

  • Kit.Kat

    Might I add, this very much so seems like a market stunt. I was suggested to use headphones, earbuds, or Bluetooth, such as AirPods. The fact that it’s only iOS, seems like a cheap ploy for Apple to advertise their Bluetooth options. *Shrugs* Just a theory.


    I’m guessing the plan was to lower/mute other servers .
    As an Adminstrator of FredBoat, This has affected the amount of people coming in the chatroom. We Have Less People.
    There is no need to change something that wasn’t broken .
    The problems you brought up are not the speakers fault. If you don’t want people to hear your conversations make another connector to your iPhone.
    Also with the recent iOS updates, Bluetooth should be available on Airplay.

  • tiny's mom.

    Please change it back, I know discord is saying that this was an intended thing now, but when it first started and people complained, they said on twitter they were looking for a fix and it was a bug. (x)

    Literally no one has asked for this, it makes no sense that you would take away options from people, seeing that there was a way to put it on speakers before already. Just find a way to fix it instead of claiming u meant to do this fam.

  • 🅲-🅻🅾

    Change it back. This is terrible and ridiculous.

  • Drumanchu

    I need speakerphone for my work, I’ve been unable to use discord for this very reason, not having speakerphone is literally costing me money. Please fix this as soon as possible. PLEASE

  • blue

    If “so many people” use speaker and prefer it. Then why not default it to speaker? Allow those who like to have a private call and not use headphones figure out this “extremely confusing” method to change it? As a dev myself removing features because people can’t figure it out is a lame and lazy excuse. Like I said just default it to speaker and let us who prefer privacy figure out this very tedious method of pressing 2 buttons to switch it lol

  • пук

    Абсолютно согласна. Когда убрали эту функцию, стало совсем неудобно общаться, даже на минимальной громкости разговор слышен для окружающих. (>_<)

    Верните, пожалуйста, всё как было

  • unreality

    How is this still not reverted.

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