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  • ルーク

    definitely 👍

  • Joey

    To be honest, I agree

  • I'll be your 1-up girl!

    Good idea.

  • inferno

    Yes please

  • CapnSideWays (M.A.D)

    Please! Need the ease of access. 🙏

  • Interplanetary Bee

    You already can buy Nitro classic on mobile if you have an apple device. Just go to your settings and there’s a separate sub section just for Discord Nitro. It even gives you the option to pay for one month($4.99 usd) or a year($49.99 usd). The only problem is it won’t let you use it to boost servers regardless if the user is on mobile or not. If you’re looking to boost a server, buy Nitro on a computer and boost a server on a computer. I made the mistake of buying classic on mobile and found that I have to wait now for it to expire before I can buy it on a computer to boost a server. 

  • Joey

    I know that but you should be able to boost servers on mobile as well

  • Frezeli

    definitely and also let apple subscriptions boost servers with the nitro that costs the same

  • south

    On mobile you can only buy Classic, which doesn’t include boosting. They should add both Nitro options and server boosting on mobile

  • Darq Shark

    Dawg, I bought it on mobile so I could boost, then realized I can’t even boost through PC with a mobile bought sub, so I cancelled and then found out now I can’t sub on PC til’ my cancelled subscription is up?!?!? bruh.wav

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