Video Play Cross-compatability


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  • TinWhisker

    @VedDdlAXE You can hit the right-hand button to send to another app without needing to DL it.


    @discordapp devs:

    It appears the the native MediaPlayer in some phones have missing/broken codecs needed to support some vids.
    Unfortunately the playback error is 'Unknown':

    D MediaPlayerNative: Message: MEDIA_ERROR(100), ext1=MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN(1), ext2=0x80000000: com.discord

    If including a third party player is not suitable, a feature request would be to allow third party players to be used by default - maybe as a setting? (Options setting: "Use native player", unchecking it will make the android selection appear, which we can set a player as default.)

  • VedDdlAXE

    @TinWhisker Right hand button?

    That button on the far right opens it in chrome, at which point it asks me to download it 

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