Fixing 2FA


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  • IHavePartsAndFPE

    I honestly don't know why this post is getting down votes, this is a good idea to fix the problems of lost accounts

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  • Jeffrey
    I just had to factory reset my phone and I still was able to access my account by using my phone number verification code. I don't really think that it needs to be changed
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  • R3D

    i reply to the gmail and the supporter is not getting my main account back that i lost! the supporter sucks and wants my main account deleted idk whats wrong with supporters. that will be great idea!

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  • FstMario



    2FA is completely and utterly inept right now, it's impossible to get codes or have a QR link that remotely works. It's a broken system that simply allows people to be locked out of their accounts

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  • Ada

    Lost my main account that i've had since 2016, it's had countless discord nitros and has multiple accounts linked into it. It's also still linked onto the original email and has the same phone number hooked up to it. But just because I don't have my 2auth codes they disallow me from recovering my account. You'd think having all that information would be enough to get your account back.

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