No way to hide Go Live as a user or Server Owner


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  • Berial

    I agree. I just want the ability back to stream to my server channels. The other thing that is irritating is that when other members share their screen I can't see it but others can.

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    man i juuuuust really want the ability to hide the panel
    it's super distracting and i know i'll rarely use it
    i'm sure others will have a use for this feature but i won't

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  • Orno

    As previous 'features' have proven, they really do not care about disabling/hiding anything that "a limited numbers of users do not use and/or object to having present".

    Until more people start caring about personal space and privacy again, this is the way of the internet.

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  • IceNinja™

    I just want a simple button to turn that crap off my server. I don`t use it and I have disabled it on all my server roles. But when I start a game the Go Crap shows up. I personally don`t care about streaming, and watching other people play a game. Granted some may want the option which is fine, but for hell sake give others the option to totally disable it. Don`t force people to have something they do not desire. Just my 2 cents.

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  • Ew (Ewtastic)

    it appears that the "go live" dissapear if you remove all games under game activity, i have it set to off. But discord auto-detects all games that start and immediately re-enable the "go live" trash that clutters up the UI.


    This is a huge problem, has anyone found any method to permanently delete "go live" as a client?

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