Let people boost servers with nitro classic


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  • Drayx11

    Because it seems they simply do not care. I have made my own post about this and will remain at the same opinion. It's
    a huge ripoff for a multi-million company to ask that much. "But hey, you're a classic subscriber? F you! , come on and pay more!" - and that is honestly how i view the situation. 

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  • Aquila

    They gave only one more boost to discord nitro subscribers but I think they should give one more boost (3 boosts in total) to really make this worth 10 bucks.

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  • penzi

    I agree

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  • Aquila

    I also wish that level 2 required less than 15 boosts... this level used to requires 10 boosts before and I think it was fine this way, now that is just too much

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