Spotify/Discord on mobile



  • 379Trip

    Yesss! Please make this a thing.

  • ScreX

    Yes please, for android too!


  • megannnjay
    If I'm understanding you correctly, I *believe* it's available at least in alpha on android. If you're in Discord Testers ( the most recent in #android-announcements mentions native Spotify statuses, you just have to make sure to enable "Device Broadcast Status" in the Spotify app
  • Blastoise186
    This sounds like the Spotify Status feature which has recently been added to the Android Alpha as of 8.2.2 to let people road test it, and I would imagine that it will get released to everyone soon. I'm currently listening to a song right now on my phone which has the Android Alpha and it's being detected correctly everywhere.
  • cyclohaxane
    It's been recently added on the Android alpha version 8.2.2 and currently under testing.
  • Soheab_

    This was a thing but was removed for some reason 

  • Soheab_

    “Every other device” only pc has it currently. It is coming to android yes