Scanning a code to join a server



  • waffles
    you can create a QR code that's simply a server invite link for the time beinf
  • Wrelix01

    How do you make a QR code with the app?


  • joey

    That i do not know, but part of this idea came from snapchat, kik, amd facebook messenger how you can hover the camera over a code, and add someone instantly, but in this case, it's for joining servers (and now that i think of it, that'd be cool for adding people as well, but it's pretty easy to just type a name and a number anyway)

  • Aussie- Astro

    I Have used this many times.

  • bastet_of_orion
    A QR code isn't necessarily trackable, in the case of people taking pictures of them and sharing those pictures, and that would make it much easier to raid servers/introduce spammers. Perhaps introducing this as a form of 2FA for server invites, but not by itself.
  • ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖
    Interesting idea! I like it! It’s like Snapchat snapcodes!
  • Forgi_Forgeth
    I would like to see this because it will make things much more interesting as you can scan it with your own phone but there should be regulations since it can be abused for mass invites.
  • Darr247

    QR code scan function source is readily available for about any language still in use. Probably for some that are obsolete and abandoned. If you have the (free) "QR & Barcode Scanner" app on your phone, run it on the image above.

  • Darr247



    Joey means QR code, like PoGo uses in the Add Friends function...  you can either enter their 12-digit Trainer number, or just scan the QR code on their device that has their trainer number encoded.


    QR encoded invites can be expired just like the URL invites, by expiring the invite URL that's encoded in the QR code.


  • Darr247

    Free (just credit author in About screen) QR creation code in 7 languages -


    There's also plenty of free libraries of QR code reader/decoder functions, but if I have to hunt everything down for the developers, then I want credit on the About screen, too.  :-P

  • Muspellsheimr

    The problem with currently available QR systems is that 1) you must use a 3rd-party application to create the QR code; 2) you must use a 3rd-party application to scan the QR code; & 3) scanning a code in this way opens the Discord browser, requiring a log in to join the server.

    This is needlessly clunky.


    The ability to display a server invite link as a QR code within the Discord mobile app, and the ability to *scan* a QR server invite link within the Discord mobile app, should both be easy to implement, and dramatically improve the functionality of such invites.

    It is worth noting this should not be replacing the current invite link system, but rather an optional alternative to it; any invite link should be usable as both manual entry, and a scan code.