Allow us to select multiple images at once when uploading



  • Dirxanr

    This has been possible for a very long time. I've been using this feature daily for over a year now :)

  • SushiFanta

    I can't on ios

  • Dirxanr

    Oh oops, didn't think there would be a difference. Yeah, I'm using android

  • tor

    yes, it will be very useful to save multiple images at once without HAVING TO OPEN EVERY SINGLE ONE IN A WEB BROWSER

  • Piggyfacepork

    i use iOS and want this feature very much, I thought it was really annoying when they added the ability to send multiple images at once but not the ability to select images and you had to do it over and over again to attach multiple images XD

  • Resident Weeb

    Omfg yes please. If I wanna share several images in a specific sequence for story telling purposes, I should be able to do it in one shot. I don't want to press "+", select image, send, repeat 15 times.

  • TimThe

    actually this is already possible on android at least. not sure about iOS but i'm sure its also possible on there.


    it appears you can't on iOS 

  • 🌴nickWtn🌴
    To clarify what Tim said, you cannot through the paper clip select multiple images/ videos to attach without selecting the paper clip again, however you can go to photos and you use the share extension to upload multiple at once
  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Have an upvote from me, I actually liked this suggestion. 😄
  • thetechguy
    yeah discord we need this