Showing if someones in a call (Mobile)



  • kill3r_Jlay

    Why not just say hello and see if they answer. I mean if they stopped speaking I’d just assumed they disconnected 😂

  • 🌸소중한 어린 소녀🌸

    Yes! This has really been bothering me, as well! I don’t understand what happened, because their profile pic used to disappear from the calls.. now it is not like that and just continues on as if they’re still there if they hang up. (And it can be annoying for a number of reasons. Just saying “hey you still there?” Doesn’t always work. Like if they said they’d be back, and they take a while. And you’re not sure if they hung up or not. That’s just one example) And you used to be able to tell, so i don’t understand why you can’t any longer! I am also on an iPhone. It already was annoying enough not being able to hear when someone leaves or joins Voice Chats... but now we can’t tell if people have left calls! :( please fix this! 

  • Tiyctue✨

    That is true, Lana. My friend sometimes goes out of calls for a few hours for different things and tells me to stay connected on my phone. Yes, I do know they're out of the call but I also sleep in calls a bit (judge me if you wish) with them and rejoins later on in the night when I'm sleeping. 
    Personal problem : I wake up multiple times at night (I have problems staying asleep*) and check to see if they are or not those nights, sometimes their phone dies or Discord crashes.

  • 🌸소중한 어린 소녀🌸

    Honestly, same! To all of that. Haha. (But what i do now is hang up and reconnect if they’re still there. Which is annoying, and shouldn’t have to be done) 

  • Redeye

    This this is very annoying especially when falling asleep with my girlfriend on voice call. She too has problems falling asleep in the night and wakes up randomly.Yes she has limited regular phone minutes and uses wifi for discord which is just about the only thing we use since we use discord to run a server with over 100 people. 

    Suggestions for phone users- Make face disappear and make a small noise when someone leaves call like on PC.

    P.S, The noise when someone enters/leaves in voice chats in group needs to be fixed still for mobile.

  • D4rk574r

    Hey.. can you tell me when it says connected in a green line, is that means we really are connected on the phone? Bc i don't really know if she can hear me at all.

  • Hey, I’m Tired

    I just figured this out today! I think this might be the only way to see if they’re still in call or not. You know how when you’re calling you can see their profile, you can tap it and it shows their username, hence showing that they’re still in call. If you tap on their profile and you can’t get their username to show up, that means they’re not in the call. I just got the ultimate betrayal today and found this out ahaha