Access webhooks on mobile



  • ExoHayvan

    This would make things so much easier, currently I go to the website and have to like turn my phone and stuff to do anything with webhooks

  • Frosty
    Nice idea
  • (O1)

    I'll bet this is already planned. They've been porting over similar features.

  • aabdou
    Very helpful indeed! I definately see the developers adding this in the future! 😃
  • TAC

    How to access webhooks on the mobile

  • (O1)

    @TAC These are suggestions. It has not been added to Discord yet.

  • S_hadowRBLX

    Exactly we need this

  • DaHaxBot Is Secretly A Dolphin

    We really need webhooks

  • Arturi1234

    This would be an awsome feature. I won't have to turn on my PC every time I want to make a webhook...

  • Suspense
    you can with websites or apps but an inapp webhook builder could be cool
  • справедливо

    мы всё ещё хотим вебхуки на мобилках(